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London, England

05 Sep 2011

We drove north from Canterbury to leave behind our van in Birmingham. Martin has done an brilliant job of driving the 10,000 kilometres around Europe and the U.K over the last 3 months. We caught the train south to stay in London for a few days: to take in the sights of the city by bus, on foot and via a ferry trip on the River Thames; as well as catch up with friends from Sydney – Dave & Jo – who are currently living here. Again, we were blessed with warm, sunny weather. The city is buzzing with building works and getting spruced-up in preparation for hosting the Olympics next year. Now, we farewell the U.K. & prepare for …

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Canterbury, S.E. England

30 Aug 2011

We disembarked the ferry, impressed by the famous ‘white cliffs of Dover’ and drove to Canterbury. This city is famous for 2 world-heritage sites: Canterbury Cathedral and St Martin’s church which are part of its medieval heritage. The old section of the town has well-preserved buildings and of course, the cobble-stone roads. St Martin’s is the oldest parish church in England, having continuously operated since the 4th Century. It feels good to be back in England, driving on the left-hand side of the road again and being able to communicate with ease. We have a week left in England before we leave our little ‘home on wheels’ behind and attempt to fit back into our 2 suitcases. Hopefully, Cyclone …

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Damme, N.W. Belgium

26 Aug 2011

On the way to Dunquerk from Holland, we camped beside a canal in the medieval town of Damme, outside the city of Brugge which is one of the most perfectly preserved (and reconstructed) medieval cities in Europe.
We catch the ferry Friday to return to England to get sorted before flying to New York on the 5th September. It will be sad to leave our van behind, as it has been our home and wheels throughout this adventure. We have travelled through 8 countries in Europe and the UK between June & August.

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Nieuwvliet, S.W. Coast of The Netherlands

26 Aug 2011

We enjoyed a brief but relaxing time in Holland. During our travels through Spain, Portugal and France, we found Dutch people to be warm and friendly. We camped in the coastal region of Zeeland. The weather was too wet to experience the benefits of being near the beach. There are bike-ways running alongside the roads which can be quite narrow at times. Bike-riding seems to be the preferred way of travelling here – in all weathers for all ages – however, very few helmets are worn. Holland is very flat so perfect for bike-riding. The land is lush and green.

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Gent, N.W. Belgium

22 Aug 2011

Belgium is a country of rich farmlands; known for its chocolate, diamonds, designer clothes, spices, furs & textiles. We camped at a beach by a lake with a park and recreation area called Blaarmeersen. We spent the weekend with Glenda’s niece Carmen who is currently living and working in Belgium.The weather was perfect for swimming, relaxing and taking in the sights. The town of Gent has many historic buildings to wander around and of course, we tasted Belgium’s speciality – Neuhaus chocolates.

Tomorrow, we head toward the Zeeland province in Holland to see part of the S.E. Coast before returning to France to catch the ferry from Dunkerque to Dover in England.

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Our route through France

20 Aug 2011

We say ‘thank you and farewell’ to the land of pastel macaroons and say ‘hello’ to the land of fine chocolate! (Belgium)
‘Merci and Aurevoir France’


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The Musee de Louvre, Paris

19 Aug 2011

A stunning world-class museum with many collections, showcasing the greatness of the French empire as well as the Roman, Greek & Egyptian empires. A ‘must see’ in Paris!

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Paris, France

19 Aug 2011

We found Paris to be a beautiful, elegant city. The tempo is relaxed and even though busy, traffic flows. No wonder people love to live here. You get the strange sense that you’re where things are happening – as if you’re at the centre of a world that cradles fashion, the arts and history.
We camped for a few days, on the edge of the city beside the magnificent River Seine. We were blessed with warm sunny weather. Paris is green with trees and parklands – a wonderful backdrop for iconic structures that never cease to impress. Here is just a sample of what we saw.

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North West France

14 Aug 2011

We left the NW coast to head inland toward Paris – through lush green country and rich farmland, including more wind farms. Many holiday-makers take their pets away with them – so we often share our stays with dogs, cats and even birds. We stopped at some historic towns: Gace & Dreux.  In Gace, the fort was built in the 14th Century. Tomorrow, we’re off to experience some of what Paris has to offer.

The towns of Gace and Dreux

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North Coast France

13 Aug 2011

Grandcamp Maisy

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