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Farewell U.S.A.

18 Oct 2011

Tomorrow we say ‘farewell’ to the land of: big cars & pick-up trucks; fast food as well as whole foods; infinite number of food condiments; magnificent mountains, expansive canyons & vast deserts; friendly, hospitable people; great roads; evidence of ancient civilizations, influence of Spanish & Mexican culture, and significance of Native American history today; energy resources of coal, oil & gas and plenty of natural resources of wind, water & sunlight; long freight trains; the heat of the desert, the beauty of Autumn and the magic of snow. This is a country full of surprises and contrasts. In America, we learned to expect the unexpected. Our road-trip of 9,000 km across 8 states, has taken us into areas of spectacular …

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Pasadena, Los Angeles

16 Oct 2011

We arrived back in L.A. for Glenda’s book launch at the Hay House Conference in Pasadena. All went well at the big event. I enjoyed speaking to people about the book and received lots of positive comments. It was great to have our friend from Oz, Sandra, at the launch as well. ‘Beyond The Rainbow’ is now out in the world!

Tomorrow, we’re back to Simi Valley to stay with Salim, Adriana & Kevin, before flying home Wednesday.

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Back in ‘Red Rock’ Country – Sedona, Arizona

13 Oct 2011

We have enjoyed a special few days here, staying with Jeremy and his fellow house-mates as well as some other couchsurfers from New York & Toronto. It felt great to be part of a little like-hearted community, on the receiving-end of wonderfully warm & fun hospitality. When we arrived, we were invited to a Brazilian benefit concert to hear some cool music. We have visited some of the vortex sites (Earth energy points); hiked a 7 km trail around a mountain of desert rock gardens; and walked through the Coconino National Forest, with Oak Creek meandering its way through its base of extraordinary cliffs. Martin attended a drumming ritual at the top of a mountain at full …

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South Rim, Grand Canyon

10 Oct 2011

The Grand Canyon is one of Earth’s most powerful inspiring landscapes. It’s grandeur overwhelmed our senses. The canyon extends 446 km long, 29 km at its widest & 1.6 km deep. It tells a story of geologic processes played out over unimaginable time-spans: a unique combination of size, colour & dazzling erosional forms of rugged landscapes, with the Colorado River continuing to carve a path at the base. Photos & words can’t do this place justice – you just need to experience soaking up the layers of geologic time, in person. This awe-inspiring topography, reaches back several million years. The earliest-known inhabitants of ancestral Pueblos & Hohokam people, followed by Spanish settlers, then American Pioneers – inspire a legacy that …

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Sedona, Arizona

09 Oct 2011

Sedona is nestled in an unusually rugged canyon surrounded by an expansive National Forest – the Coconino – 1.8 million acres. Rising above Sedona is the Mogollan Rim – serving as the SW boundary of the vast Colorado Plateau which extends into 5 other states. The town has a strict building code: nothing above 2 stories; colours must blend into the natural surrounding environment. There is minimal street lighting, to create a dark sky in order to see the stars. We are returning to Sedona for a few days, to explore the area further – staying with a fellow ‘couchsurfer’ to gain some local knowledge of this incredible area, before returning to L.A.

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North Rim, Grand Canyon

08 Oct 2011

We are so glad we decided to check out the North Rim before visiting the more popular South Rim – turned out a good decision – taking a right turn instead of a left. The North Rim is the highest point of the Grand Canyon. We have re-named it: ‘the colourful canyon’ as you can see by these photos. This is a ‘must-see’ for ‘bucket-lists’.

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To North Rim, Grand Canyon

07 Oct 2011

The hot clear Autumn dry days have transformed into the freshness of Autumn snow – in bright sunlight – at an altitude of 2,600 m. We are in the ‘vast interior’. This area is stunningly beautiful – nature in all it’s splendour & glory. These photos were taken through the Kaibab National Forest on the way to the North Rim.

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Marble Canyon, Arizona

06 Oct 2011

Marble Canyon is situated amid the beauty and majesty of the Vermillion cliffs, the high mesa’s and vast desert – where time seems eternal and space, infinite. This area is the gateway to the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon. The marble-coloured cliffs tower above the vivid blue of the Colorado River. A magnificent condor (3 m wing-span) flew in front of us, riding a thermal over the canyon.

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Desert Buildings, Arizona

06 Oct 2011

These photos are of some buildings in the town of Tuba City and an information/interpretive centre at Marble Canyon. They are cleverly designed to blend into their natural environments.The interiors are decorated with Navajo (Native American Indians) art & beautifully patterned textiles. I love this painting of a young girl up a tree.

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From Colorado to Arizona

06 Oct 2011

The journey from Durango, Colorado to Marble Canyon, Arizona, showcased some spectacular scenery. We drove through large areas of Indian reservation country. We are on our way to the Grand Canyon, to visit the Northern Rim. We have entered ‘canyon country’.

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