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Coaching:“Glenda has the art and skill to enable people to see and prepare ‘end results’ rather than continually stumbling over emotional barriers and issues.” Consulting & Organisational Development: “Glenda’s clear sight enables both staff and the organisation, to have a clear view of where we need to be and how to get there.”

“Coaching has provided the help I needed, to achieve what I wanted.  Glenda ‘walked me through the blocks’ to overcome past hindrances.  I now feel connected to my destiny and know I have the capacity to achieve it.”

Hamish Mackay, Biodynamics2024 Pty Ltd

“Applied Vision has literally ‘applied our vision’ to our business. We are developing a clear view of where we want to be and how to get there. This insight has given us structure, confidence and renewed enthusiasm. We are so grateful to have started this journey with such a caring and wonderful mentor”.

“I have found it really beneficial to look objectively at the business – analyse strengths and weaknesses to improve outcomes. I have found coaching both professionally and personally challenging and invaluable. I have enjoyed working on a Vision statement and look forward to developing the Business plan. Glenda is very professional, knowledgeable and sensitive. I really appreciate her guidance and expertise.”

“Coaching with Glenda has provided amazing insights in relation to restrictive patterns that impact personally as well as in the business. The experience has served to expand personal horizons to make the business extraordinary as well as fun. Coaching has enhanced personal life while smoothing business blocks and barriers, resulting in a richness of experience – both personally and professionally. The personal gains are worth gold. We have found coaching to be a motivating experience, as we are able to apply what we learn “

“Thank you Glenda, without your direction our ideas would be thoughts rather than actions. You’ve shown us and that we have more value to offer and need to ‘think big’. We have a new-found confidence and passion for what we believe in and clarity to take our dreams to the next level”.

“Management coaching has given me clarity, understanding and focus which serve both the organisation and myself”

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