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Bodysoul Energy combines the talents of Glenda & Martin to provide a range of individual services & group workshops, to re-energise body, mind & spirit

Martin Willis

Sound has always played a big part in my life, having sung in church choirs from the age of 5 and various roles in light opera throughout my school years, together with a love and appreciation of music.

Subsequent technical studies exposed me to computers which were emerging as a new form of musical creation.

I pursued studies in Chinese Martial Arts including Tai Chi & Qigong, learning about the health benefits of Chinese Medicine, movement and Energy work.

I became interested in Astrology and have pursued that interest for the past 35 years.

In 1985, I relocated from Sydney to the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW as a life-style choice providing easy access to oceans, rivers and mountains. Supported by these environs, I was able to further develop my interests in yoga & Qigong, dance & movement, energy & healing, music & singing, in addition to personal and spiritual development. I also pursued an interest in alternative therapies and qualified in Kinesiology and Polarity Therapy.

My interest in sound, voice and healing modalities, continues.

Martin’s workshops focus on Sound Therapy, Movement & Astrology


Services include individual sessions, classes or workshops, with the following themes :

Movement for Health & Wellbeing

  • Balancing your Energy: Utilizing the principles of Tai Chi, Qigong & Polarity Yoga;
  • Discovering Techniques for Self-Healing

Healing with Sound

  • Tapping into the power of sound & resonating with your personal frequencies;
  • Self-healing with Sound

Basic Astrology

  • Introduction to the Astrological Landscape; The Symbolic Chart: Signs, Houses & Planets;
  • Elements & Modalities in Astrology; Understanding Chart Aspects; Casting Your Chart;
  • Body Correspondences


The duration for each workshop is 2 hours or can be offered as a whole day. 



Glenda Frances

My quest for professional fulfillment and service began with nursing and studying Psychology. I followed a career from volunteering to being employed in social service organisations as well as community development.

Since raising a family, I went on inner-outer journey of travel, learning and self-discovery for the past 20 years in the areas of professional, personal & spiritual development with the work of Robert Fritz, Christopher Howard and more recently, Dr Randolph Stone and Dr Marshall Rosenberg. I have also explored religious traditions from various cultures – both East and West. On the shoulders of these ‘masters’ I developed workshops to share this knowledge and experience so others can create the health and life they want.

My passion for holistic health led me to explore alternative therapies and found Polarity Therapy to reflect a comprehensive approach to mental, physical, emotional & spiritual health & wellbeing which is now a major focus of my work I call ‘Body Intelligence’.

 Formal qualifications are in the areas of Psychology, Training & Alternative Therapies

Services include group workshops & retreats, as well as individual sessions, known as Body Intelligence. Body Intelligence incorporates holistic coaching, integrative energy balancing & therapeutic bodywork.  This is a holistic approach to health, focusing on mental, physical, emotional & spiritual integration. Distant healing (or absent healing) sessions are also provided as well as simple remote ‘energy balancing’.

Individual sessions include hands-on energy balancing, working with the natural energies of the body to benefit organs, systems, structure & function – connecting body to soul so energy flows freely to create the life you want.  The service is provided with the client fully clothed.

A 2-hour session is recommended for supporting health conditions and includes holistic coaching 

A 1-hour session is provided for energy balancing

See Testimonials

Events & Workshops with Glenda and Martin

Workshops, Classes and Retreats will be a feature of 2020 & beyond –partnering with other like-minded/hearted experienced and trained people, to provide a comprehensive spirit-filled experience -offered in stunning locations in Australia & overseas.

See Energize your Spirit 2020 for overview of Program offerings in Vanuatu February & March 2020.

Mini Personalised Retreat

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Workshop series 1 (two options) has a holistic health focus and based on the principals of Polarity Therapy created by Dr Randolph Stone and further developed (with manuals) by Julie Collett.

Workshop series 2 has a spiritual development focus based on the principles of Ongo, developed by Catherine Cadden & Jesse Wiens from the work of Dr Marshall Rosenberg and the traditional Zen form of practice – working with the somatic experience of how we sense through our body sensations in the present moment.

Workshop Series 1 – Option 1: Awareness & transformation into lasting well-being

Title: “The Art of Health Building”

This is offered as 4 one-day workshops run consecutively or over 2 weekends

For more information click on Workshop link in Body Intelligence

Workshop Series 1 – Option 2: Mental, physical, emotional & spiritual integration

Title: “Harnessing the body’s energy systems for health & healing”

Overview: Restoring & maintaining health – body, mind & spirit; Discovering techniques for self-healing and tools for daily practice; Bringing the whole self to the healing process; Working with the 5 Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether/Space); Balancing your energy to optimise whole body intelligence; Understanding your Chakras – the governing energy centres of human life & intelligence; Exploring the role of Astrology in holistic health & wellness.

This is offered as a weekend workshop

Workshop Series 2 – Spiritual Development & Wellbeing

Title: “Integrated Spirituality”

Overview: Creating internal space by clearing the inner landscape; Enhancing interpersonal relationships; Connecting with self, others & the whole of life; Re-meeting & recovering parts of ourselves; exploring our unique contribution to others and our communities.

This is offered as a weekend workshop

Workshops by Glenda & Martin– for information on individual sessions, classes & workshops offered by Glenda & Martin – as part of a package with other complementary components, in Vanuatu February & March 2020. Download flyer for overview Vanuatu 


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