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The Next Step

07 May 2015

Many people say to me – they just want to know if they’re on the right path and what is the next step.

Once you know what you want, there will be obvious action to take. This action doesn’t need to be a grand plan but rather, first steps that will in turn, lead to the next steps, and so on. You’ll find yourself in the flow of creating effortlessly.

The process of taking action needs to be informed by the End Results rather than your current reality. In this way, you will move from where you are toward where you want to be – creating the future from the future.

When you are stuck in your head, your ‘thinking mind’ is going around and round in circles as you analyse the details. You end up thinking about thinking, rather than taking the necessary action.

If you drop from your head to your heart, you will be in your ‘working mind’. From there you will experience connection to what you want which will generate energy to complete the tasks that lead to creating the results you want.

Taking the right action is closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

“To know and not to do is not to know”

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In business – ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’

23 Mar 2015

Want to be unique?
Want to stand out in the crowd!
Promote your philosophy up-front – then you will attract people who match what you are passionate about – whether in your personal, professional life or business.
In business:
1. Know WHY your business exists – its purpose, what you want to achieve for yourself & your customers
2. Know what makes your business unique – HOW you deliver your product or services – what are the core values that underpin what you do and why
3. Know WHAT you do – promoting the ‘end results’ of your products or services for your customers.
If what people want matches what you deliver – you will not only create what you want, but you’ll have a satisfied and loyal customer who will market your business – freely.

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Creating the year you want

01 Feb 2015

If you believe 2015 will be a direct result of what you think and feel, then there is some good news for you.
Here is the good news – you are not your thoughts and feelings – what a relief!
Sometimes, we behave as if we are – slaves to our own internal world and reacting to people, situations and events to relieve any tension we experience in order to feel good again.
The best news of all, is that you can create what you want just by knowing where you are now in relation to where you want to be. The desired end result will provide the information you need to take the right action that will take you toward this.
It will become obvious. This will give you the first step to take and you’re away!

The reason people find it so difficult is because it’s so simple. Some people believe they need to put a lot of effort into changing their attitudes and beliefs, saying affirmations to convince themselves that they really are wonderful and deserve what they want. All the focus and energy of this activity can serve to distract you from getting on with the job of creating.
The first tip is – stop making everything about you and start making it about what you want.
It’s all too easy and habitual, to blame anything and anyone, including yourself – making excuses as to why you’re not creating the results YOU want in your life, career, business.
The second tip is – take responsibility for what you want and keep your focus here – no matter what.
The third tip is – just get on and do it!

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Completing The Year

31 Dec 2014

As the year draws to an end – it’s a good time to reflect on what you have achieved and learned.
In order to start a new year, it’s important to complete this year by acknowledging whether you have created what you wanted during 2014.
Completing urges you forward.
When you embark on a new year, project or task – you are activating a creative cycle of ‘germination, assimilation & completion’.
With ‘germination’ – there is a creative idea and you experience a burst of energy. It’s just the beginning – when you conceive your vision or the end result you are going for.
Then there’s ‘assimilation’ where you’re gathering internal & external resources and taking action toward achieving your end result. At this stage, you’re internalising your vision and your project takes off and seems to take on a life of its own.
Completing is an opportunity to take stock of your own creative process. You can look back on what worked and what did not, and how you might do it next time. If you didn’t achieve what you originally intended, remember – it’s a creative process so there’s no mistakes!
When you acknowledge what you have created and know what your next step is, this provides energy to complete and commence the next year or project stage you want.
Every ending brings a new beginning. By completing, you clear the space for something new to begin and remember to celebrate both – the end of the old and the coming of the new.
Completion Exercise:
1. Acknowledge that 2014 is over 2. Acknowledge whether you created what you wanted
3. Acknowledge what you achieved and learned 4. Acknowledge yourself
5. What is your ‘next step’?

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Simply Christmas

25 Nov 2014

There is a universal Christmas, permeating all the others, that not even the hardest-nosed cynic complaining about commercialisation could dampen.

It is the simple Christmas – that people of all backgrounds, cynical or saved, believer or skeptic, romantic or materialist, young or old, can feel, understand on a personal level, love, and celebrate in their own quiet way.

This simple Christmas is, indeed, consistent with the original religious intent, but it finds many more ways of manifesting itself. This is the Christmas of renewal, transcendence, and grace. It is innocence regained. It is goodness rediscovered. It is finding that within you a beautiful child still exists.

This is the Christmas in which we easily realise the simple love we have for the people in our lives. It is missing and loving those who are no longer here, but feeling connected to them anyway.

Christmas lives in many forms, all of which touch something locked away inside. It is the renewal of your true nature, the awakening of your spirit, the restoration of your natural goodness, and the rebirth of unconditional love.

It’s nostalgia for a time that never existed and it reminds us of what Jack Kerouac taught us in On the Road, “Life is Holy, and each moment is precious.”

These experiences live within you in a secret place – to be given new voice each year, as simply Christmas.

Robert Fritz

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A call to leadership

28 Mar 2014

Saying “yes” to being leader, in your own life, community, business or organisation, means embracing the many possibilities that exist at the beginning of a new millennium. To be a leader is to be on the verge of new potentials.

A Leader is a teacher and guide who facilitates self-awareness and understanding.

What are the qualities of a leader needed for the years ahead?

Leaders are those people who are aware, can live in the question (not just looking for answers), be curious and open, willing to change, and receive new insights from diverse sources. Great leaders make a difference in the lives of people they serve.

Leaders are willing to take risks, to be different, to question conformity and to be ever expanding into new levels of awareness – bringing forth those values, attitudes and behaviours which flourish with the speed of change and transformation in our society.

Albert Einstein said: “a problem cannot be solved at the same level it was created”. We can no longer find solutions by doing exactly what we have been doing. He was encouraging us to expand our awareness, to look beyond the limits of our past and present knowledge, many of which are embedded in our own cultural worldviews, outdated information and old paradigms.

Creative leaders who create exceptional results, know the power of their thoughts, beliefs, values and attitudes that influence outcomes in every moment.

We encourage you to go on a journey of discovering the leader within and take up the challenge in your world which will not only serve you, but others as well as our awesome planet.


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A call to peace

26 Dec 2013

With 2014 approaching and the rate of change accelerating in our personal lives and on the planet, how can we maintain our equanimity?

The key to being at peace in the midst of change, is to connect deeply with that which is unchanging. It’s easy to get caught up in focusing on outer dramas happening on the planet or in our own lives; to have our attention go to those thoughts firing away so continuously in our minds, causing negative emotional and physical responses in our bodies.

Travelling in the UK, US and Europe during 2011, highlighted the affects of economy collapses on people and infrastructure. There is a natural tendency for our attention to go to the negative impacts of what is constantly moving and changing. Yet, beneath all the movement – there is a place of silent stillness that is always present deep within us. In times when everything is going smoothly, we all experience moments of connecting with this peace. The challenge is to find it even in the midst of intense turmoil. To find such peace, recall what is unchanging within ourselves. What matters, doesn’t change.

What I have experienced with people in all parts of the world – from different cultural and religious backgrounds – is the expressed qualities and shared values of family, love, kindness, hospitality, friendship, generosity, fun and humour – being upheld and treasured, despite what is happening in the world around them. Some things aren’t meant to change.

In these times of rapid change, there is a great need for people who can maintain their equanimity in the midst of earthquakes, nuclear disasters or bank collapses that may come. These people radiate a calming energy that impacts on all around them.

To become an instrument of peace, journey home to the stillness that lives deep within …

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Unleash your mojo – use your intuition!

01 Feb 2013

Intuition is often under-utilised when making decisions and taking action.

Albert Einstein said: “Intuition is the most valuable thing”.

So what is Intuition? Intuition is objective awareness, an inherent connection – a knowing that exists by being connected to who you are what you want. Using your intuition taps into the wisdom of the mind and your inner-senses.

The bridge to your intuition is ‘not knowing’. When you can let go of what you know (from past experience) as well as ‘needing to know’, you expand your awareness to tap into creative resources and insights you may not have been previously aware of. In this way, you will begin to notice the connection between things and the synchronicity of events. When you do not know, you become aware of objective truth.

Your intuition already exists. You are intuitive whether you are aware of it or not. Intuition is recognition of the obvious – the first thing you get (hunch, gut instinct, etc) before rationalising it. If you rationalise choices – you employ logical and persuasive arguments as to why you should abandon them, rather than rely on what you know to be true. Sometimes, it’s preferable not to think or work things out in your head, as the mind can get in the way of taking right action which you already know – instinctively.

Your intuition has 100% integrity and will support you in creating what you want with authenticity.

Here is a thought-provoking quote about unleashing innovation in leadership by Todd Park: “My hypothesis is that it’s less about training and more about signalling— giving people permission to do what they intuitively understand is the smart thing to do. There are many talented innovators and naturally gifted entrepreneurs ……. and if given the signal that they can do it in a different way, they will …

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What is meant by ‘sacred’?

23 Sep 2011

The sacred embodies whatever we cherish above everything else, whatever stirs our deepest feelings and awakens our highest aspirations. This will differ from person to person and from culture to culture. Whatever it may be, the ultimate value expressed in the sacred provides meaning, direction, and purpose in life. It gives us a sense of place and inspires our greatest efforts. There is a rich symbolism associated with sacred mountains which have been viewed as places of revelation, centres of the universe, sources of life, pathways to heaven, as divine sources of life expressions of the ultimate reality in its myriad of manifestations. I visited Mount Shasta in Northern California mid-2011 – considered to be a sacred mountain – one of the ‘seven sacred mountains of the world’.

John Muir wrote about Mount Shasta in 1901:

“Walk away quietly in any direction and taste the freedom of the mountaineer. Camp out amongst the grasses and the gentians of glacial meadows, in craggy garden nooks full of nature’s darlings. Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. As age comes on, one source of enjoyment after another is closed, but nature’s sources never fail.”



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revise your day

17 Feb 2011

So – your day didn’t turn out the way you intended?  Then tonight, revise your day.  Revising the past is re-constructing what happened with new content.  In your imagination, re-live the day as you wished you had lived it: revising the scenes to make them fit with what you wanted.  By mentally falsifying the facts, you move from passive reaction to active creation.  In this way, recurrence of the past into the future, is replaced with creating more of what you want.  Knowing that ‘imagination creates reality’ means all that is desired, can be imagined into existence.  Before you go to sleep tonight, revise your day by clearly visualising the revised scenes that match your ideals and you will take that energy into your new day.  It’s a great way to ‘take the learnings from the past, leave the lessons behind’ to create the life you want!

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