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children’s book

beyond the rainbow

beyond the rainbow bookBeyond the Rainbow is the story of a spirit called Thomas who lives in a galaxy of the cosmos. One day, when following the rainbow to see where it leads from heaven to earth, Thomas hears a strange voice calling his name, saying he was needed on planet earth. Feeling a little confused and afraid, Thomas returns to his home amongst the stars and planets, to seek advice from the Great Sky Spirit. He explains to Thomas that it must have been the voice of the Great Earth Mother who wants him to bring his special gift to planet earth.
The story follows the journey and experiences of Thomas – as he prepares to leave his familiar home as a sky spirit, be born into a family on earth and become a human being. Although the destination is unknown, Thomas had been curious about what it would be like to live on planet earth. This was his chance, so he needed to be brave if he was going to find out. After all, he was on an important mission – to fulfil his unique purpose of caring for the earth. After a long journey, Thomas realizes he’s made the right decision when he arrives safely in the arms of his loving proud parents. Thomas goes to sleep, dreaming of future adventures in his new colourful world…beyond the rainbow.

“Every young child 5-10 years will relate to the spirit of Thomas as he makes his journey with the help of the Great Sky Spirit and the Great Earth Mother, to be born beyond the rainbow. Glenda Frances writes to all of us who believe there is a bigger picture to life. This beautifully crafted story, told with warmth and wisdom, is a must for home and school libraries, and will capture the hearts of young and old alike.” Rowena Parkes, B.Ed., PPP Level 4 – Steiner and State Teacher, Internationally Accredited Parenting Consultant

“This little book lets children see how special they are and how we all have a place to care for Mother Earth.” The late Auntie Elaine Walker, past Elder of the Gumbaynggirr people

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