Strategic Planning

“The strategic planning process was wonderful and I can’t thank you enough for that. You have provided order and structure and a sense of focus that is invaluable. You did it in a professional way and persisted with the process to achieve a result that is meaningful and useful for us, both now and into the future. In that sense, you helped us to clarify our purpose and identify what we want to achieve in a very practical way”.

“We enjoyed the strategic journey which included growing, learning and adapting. We found Glenda to be a skilled, thorough, gentle, experienced, respectful, creative and patient facilitator. The planning sessions helped us to reveal what we didn’t know was there – Glenda helped to draw out, uncover and crystalise ideas and concepts. The sessions were facilitated in a professional and responsible way. Glenda helped us to persevere to achieve a successful outcome. Thank you, thank you thank you”.

Business Owners, North Farm – Bellingen

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