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South to Durango

30 Sep 2011

These are photos of the magnificent mountains, following the Colorado river: barren mountains and lush green valleys; moon-landscapes; rugged snow-capped mountains in the background. The golds of autumn shone in the sunlight – nature in all it’s glory – spectacularly beautiful breath-taking scenery. We are staying with a fellow ‘couchsurfer’ Mindy, her 2 dogs & cat, in a beautiful setting of natural surroundings & wild-life: coyote, prairie dogs, rattle snake, deer, elk, eagles, humming-birds, black bear & mountain lion. We enjoyed a heart-felt connection with Mindy who is a warm & welcoming host. We spent an evening: attending an art lecture at Fort Lewis College on the late Georgia O’Keeffe, a famous American Artist: enjoying a Mexican meal together; dropping-in on a cowboy/girl sing-a-long/poetry-slam at a local pub; and grooving to some salsa beats at a nearby bar.

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