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From West the Mid-West of America – California to Utah

26 Sep 2011

The 2-day trip took us through 4 states: California, Oregon, Nevada & into Utah – through snow country (desert mountains in the summer) at an elevation of 2,000 m – passing large lakes, salt flats and Hotels/Casinos in the middle of ‘nowhere’. We arrived in Salt Lake City – a place of magnificent mountains in autumn colours, an area for rock-climbing, hiking & skiing. We stayed with a fellow couchsurfer, Claudio and his family of birds and dog. Claudio is the most wonderful, generous host – treating us to a party to meet his friends, family & neighbours. His house and garden is a wonderland of fountains and lights. Martin was in his element, with music and dancing that night. In one day, we went to: the Morman Temple to hear the tabernacle choir performing for their weekly broadcast to the world (I grew up listening to the choir on the radio and later, T.V.); Oktoberfest (German beer, food, music & dancing) in the mountains at Snowbird (venue of winter olympics); and Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake, where wild buffalo & antelope roam free. Tomorrow, we drive further East to soak in the Glenwood Springs for a couple of days.

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