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Simi Valley, California, Los Angeles, SW-USA

13 Sep 2011

We spent a few enjoyable and relaxing days in Simi Valley, staying with our ‘couch-surfing’ friends: Salim, Adriana, Kevin & Coco (their cat) who are the most wonderful hosts. We were shown some of the local sights, including the Ronald Regan memorial library where we saw a large piece of the Berlin Wall – an amazing piece of history. The weather was hot & dry with the odd thunderstorm. LA is known as the city where the sky is always blue – a place of glamour, fame and wealth, with a fabulous climate. Areas of California reminded us of Spain, with its dry rugged mountains. We hired a car and will be driving a 10,000 km loop for the next month – travelling north west, east, then south east – returning to Pasadena, LA, California to complete our 5-month adventure.

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