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New York, USA

09 Sep 2011

We arrived in New York at night so we saw some of this ‘bright light city’ as we drove through on the way to our hotel in New Jersey. Since then it rained – for the duration of our visit (hence, no photos): a tropical storm which followed hurricane Irene a week earlier. We have seen some familiar sights from movies: yellow cabs and the old-style yellow school buses; the NYPD; diners such as IHop and TicToc, etc; and Broadway lights and narrow skyscrapers that make up the famous skyline that is New York. We used the time to rest and plan for LA. We will be staying with a family from the ‘couchsurfing‘ network we joined before we left Australia, so really looking forward to the experience of staying with some locals. The weather there, promises to be fine and warm.

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