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Too busy and too lazy? Perfect prerequisites!

20 Oct 2010

If you’re too busy and too lazy then you’ll find it easy to be a professional creator.
If you have deadlines and back-to-back projects, you need to be efficient and direct in your methods to maximise your time, resources and energy.
There is a difference between ‘creativity’ and ‘creating’.
Creativity is focussed on the unusual – a departure from the norm. However, the creative process can become the norm or usual with practice and paying attention.
Professional creators such as film makers, writers, painters, architects, composers, etc. know how to create.
To create, you need to know what you want – as an ‘end result’. The next step is knowing your starting point – ‘current reality’. Now it’s time to focus your mind. The difference between where you are and what you want, will engage the mind’s ability to invent. When you do this, what you need to do to get there becomes obvious – simply and powerfully.
Focussing the mind leads to consistent and reliable innovation. This method will minimise wasted time, energy and resources. Your actions will count as you create effortlessly. So practice being a professional creator, in every area of your life.

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