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What does LOVE have to do with business?

02 Aug 2010

Everything! The number one emotion is LOVE. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself and others.
A definition of love – “The selfish promotion of the growth of the other” –
“If you selflessly promote the growth of your customers and your colleagues – that’s love” Tim Sanders, Yahoo (from his book “Love is the Killer”).
We need to create emotional connections by asking “What if…..?” and “What would it mean……?”
“Respect is love in plain clothes” Franki Byrne.
Respect is the foundation of successful business.

People who make decisions purely based on fact are people who put their heart & emotions on the fridge before they leave for work and take them out when they get home. Making decisions with your mind AND heart, means that you are using your emotions – ie: “this is the right choice/decision – I feel good about it”.
We have to understand people and what motivates them.
Business values are: commitment, innovation, integrity, leadership, responsibility, ease & grace, service-orientation, trust, reliability, creating value for others, being real, continuous improvement.
“By building respect and inspiring love, business can move the world” Kevin Roberts.
Interested to know more? Read – LOVE MARKS by Kevin Roberts (CEO Worldwide of Ideas Company Saatchi & Saatchi)

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