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The Benefits of Self-Acceptance

01 Apr 2010

Feelings of inadequacy and inexperience, leads to self-consciousness.
This is based on a fear of not being seen as ‘normal’, in control of my life. Being likeable and approved by others = the extent to which I am unable to accept myself as I am placing too much attention on surface appearances. ‘Keeping up appearances’ is futile.

So, what are the benefits of self-acceptance?

  • Self acceptance will reduce any tendency toward gossip and criticism, including the kind that is based on people’s outer appearance on the way they choose to live their lives.
  • When I accept myself as I am, I will be able to accept others as they are, without lying or using flattery as a means of gaining favour or manipulating
  • Being aware of what is happening to me and around me.

Accepting our imperfection is perfection!

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