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It must have heart

05 Mar 2010

It’s easy to get off track and lose our way in pursuit of a goal.  We start off all inspired and motivated and as soon as we hit a hurdle of some description, we lose focus and get discouraged.    If we take our eye off the ball we may forget what we are here for and why we are doing what we are doing.  For our lives as well as business, we need to plan ahead, invest in the future, make the types of changes we need to, anticipate what will happen by creating what you want – being creative and taking the right action.  When you start making it about anything else, you will lose your soul or the soul of your business.  Whatever you do – must have heart.  Mindless ambition is soul-less.  At the centre of every heart, there is art – innate wisdom, natural talent and infinite creativity.  If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your way and a part of your soul – get back to ‘centre’, to the very ‘heart’ of things and go from there.

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