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Focus is everything

03 Nov 2009

I have recently been involved in a project that has tested me personally, as well as the theory my business is based on – to the ‘edge’.  By focussing on the ‘end result’ and imagining this result already achieved, I have been able to transcend many internal as well as external obstacles to create the desired result.  It has tested me (& the theory) in every way, however, applying the principles and ‘hanging with the tension’ has not only saved me but also the project.

You need to know how to work within a ‘structural framework’ (as well as manage yourself) so that you can re-route the ‘path of least resistance’ so that it leads to advancement and accomplishment.  Only then will the techniques and processes you adopt (true creativity), will work to build a pattern of success.  The good news is – the future doesn’t have to be an extension of the past.  You can transcend any obstacles in your way by knowing what you want and keeping the focus on your ‘end result’ – no matter what!

Imagine applying the principle of transcendence in your business or organisation in such a way that you and your colleagues redesign the ways you work together by focussing on and creating what you want.  There’s more good news – you can begin anew, learning the lessons from the past and embracing new possibilities to achieve results that were previously thought impossible.

I encourage you to ‘keep the focus’, ‘hang with the tension’! 

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