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14 Sep 2009

Do I belong?

When we ask this question, we are seeking identity – “who am I?”  When we have this belief that “I don’t belong” we seek to resolve it to feel like we do belong, however, we create ‘not belonging’ due to being in reaction.  Trying to belong is ensuring that we have a place where we belong – “What’s my place?  What’s my role?”    When someone is aiming to have somewhere to belong, they may join a group, club or cult, however, this ‘re-action’ may confirm their feeling of not belonging.

There is a flip-side to having formed this belief from childhood – it’s not all bad!  You will have developed the strength of non-attachment and possess hidden gifts such as being innovative & creative, leadership qualities and able to adapt to change.

To whom do you belong?  You belong to your self.  You entered this world alone and you will exit alone.  We take on many labels & roles throughout our life – son/daughter, sister/brother, parent/grandparent, spouse/partner, cousin, aunt/uncle, worker, etc.  Who are we without these labels?  We are left with just our true selves.  If we belong to something or someone else, our roots are grounded outside of ourselves and if or when these are uprooted, we feel lost and left nowhere.  The secret is to transcend these beleifs that limit who we are and what we want.  When you are aware of this belief operating, just say – “so what” and ask yourself: “What do I want?”.  Then you can take the obvious action that will support who you are and what you want.

Happy creating!

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