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What ‘drum’ are you beating?

14 Jul 2009

There is so much data, information, people, subjects, experience coming to us every day – potential for expansion  or contraction due to overload?  The fact is, it’s up to us.  Creating the results you want, is directly related to where your focus is.  To thrive in our complex world, we need to be conscious of what we are paying attention to, as “our focus creates our reality”.  When life is not going the way you want it to be, become aware of where your focus and energy is and shift it to what you want.  Knowing what you don’t want, means that you will be creating the very thing you are wanting to avoid: “what you resist persists”.  Out of all the activities you manage in a day, week, month, year – what’s important and good?  What do you need to drop?  Remember, life is meant to be fun!  It helps to do an ‘ecology check’ from time to time, by asking this question: “what supports me, others, as well as the planet”?.  Then you will be ‘beating a drum’ that has the rhythm and flow to give you energy and create a ‘path of least resistence’ toward creating the results you want.

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