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A question to turn things around

06 Jul 2009

There are certain events that we initiate (or are initiated by someone / something else) that cause us a great deal of angst at the time.  There is that awful realisation “oh no, what am I going to do – this can’t be happening”.  At this point in time, we only see the negative, the down-side, the worst-possible scenario, etc. etc.  This happens to all of us, however, there is a question that can turn things around and help us refocus on what we want: “what’s right about this that I’m not getting?”.

Recently, I mistakenly deleted some information from the computer.  A sense of dread came over me as I began to fear the consequences.  Because I believe things happen for a reason and trust everything will work out for the best eventually – I remembered to ask this question and immediately, the answers came to me (as they are usually obvious).  I then started to refocus my attention on what I wanted which gave me the energy and motivation to take the right action to support this ‘end result’.  I am pleased to say, it had a good outcome, proving to be more beneficial than if I hadn’t deleted the information in the first place!

So, the next time something happens that you don’t want, ask this question – there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!  You may also discover something interesting and even important, that you previously overlooked.

Let me know what you think – from your own experience.

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