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19 May 2009

Weight on Weight off

Over the years – friends, family and clients (as well as ‘yours truly’) have said they want to lose weight. People come up with a numerical figure that they want to lose and then do whatever they think will achieve this. Of course I have noticed over the years, that these same people (including myself) may have actually achieved this but have since put it back on – the reason? It’s a negative vision. Whenever we are trying to avoid, prevent or get away from something, this attention and energy just creates more of what we don’t want rather than what we do want. Whether you are ‘losing weight’ or ‘gaining weight’ the subconscious mind gets the message that “it’s about weight” and presto – this is what you get! It may work for a while but will always swing back as you are operating in an ‘oscillating structure’ caused by a ‘negative vision’. It feels like you’re on a ‘band-wagon’ – going up and down, from one to another where sometimes it works and then sometimes it doesn’t work – hit and miss. To get off the ‘band-wagon’, make a fundamental choice to be healthy then identify some concrete, objective, measurable ‘end results’ that will indicate what’s healthy for you (including the weight you are going for). Write this down and it will become obvious to you, what you need to do. Also write exactly ‘where you are’ in relation to what you want (current reality) which will ensure you are operating in a ‘creative structure’, then focus on what you want and go for it! Remember, there are NO EXCUSES – just do it – it works! (Apply this approach to ‘quitting smoking’ as well).

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  1. Kim
    Posted May 19, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    Very interesting and makes total sense. Thanks for the advice!

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