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What’s strategic planning all about?

14 Apr 2009

A Strategic Plan provides a direction and focus to create results you want for the future. Having a clear direction, serves to align resources, integrate systems and provide effective action plans.

An integrated Strategic Plan details various strategies of key functional areas – such as Marketing – to implement the Plan. This alignment will produce a culture of true values and aspirations, providing momentum to generate desired outcomes.

A Strategic Plan contains the Vision, Mission and Values of the business / organisation, as well as the structure of how things work.
A clear vision provides focus to inspire and motivate people to create the results they want – for themselves or for their business / organization.

A Vision Statement provides a strategic direction for the Plan and Key Result Areas to enable the business / organization to move from where they are, to where they want to be.
Key Performance Indicators ensure Key Result Areas can be measured to determine the effectiveness of the Plan.

It is important to monitor the Plan regularly, so that any adjustments can be made on an ongoing basis. A more formal evaluation is suggested at 6-monthly intervals, to ensure ongoing reviewing and planning.

Developing the Plan – as a team – will ensure input and ownership of the Plan’s business and service (or product) development as well as operations.

Remember to celebrate the achievement of the Plan!

Use ‘comments’ to request Applied Vision’s approach to strategic planning or request an appointment to develop your strategic plan –  I’ll show you a way that’s fun & easy!

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  1. Peter
    Posted April 20, 2009 at 10:23 am

    I’m interested in knowing how strategic planning can be ‘fun & easy’! I thought it was hard work and expensive – that’s why I haven’t embarked on doing some planning for my business. I would like to know your approach to strategic as well as business planning. Please send me some info and I’ll give you a call to kick off the process – thank you!

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