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Choices, choices, choices!

10 Apr 2009

That’s right – there are 3 main choices:
1. Fundamental choices – these are linked to our values and philosophy, for example: choosing to be ‘professional’. To me this means, having the ability to focus on ‘end results’ and not making it about anything else.
Other examples of ‘fundamental choices’ are:

  • choosing to be healthy (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually)
  • choosing to take responsibility for oneself
  • choosing to be free (physically & psychologically)
  • choosing to be true to oneself

2. Primary choices – choosing ‘end results’ and to do this, we need to know what we want. These choices become obvious once we have made a ‘fundamental choice’
3. Secondary choices – these are the ‘functional steps’ that support the ‘primary choices’.

Apply to the example of health:
I choose to be healthy (fundamental choice)
What food and exercise etc. support me in being healthy? (primary choices)
Take action by living according to this lifestyle which supports what I want (secondary choices).

Apply this to something you want and let me know how it works for you.

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