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body intelligence

Therapeutic Bodywork

Integrative Energy Balancing – creating whole health

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Body Intelligence is a holistic approach to health, focusing on mental, physical, emotional & spiritual integration.

The sessions are hands-on energy balancing, working with the natural energies of the body to benefit organs, systems, structure & function – connecting body to soul so energy flows freely to create the life you want.  A 2-hour session is recommended for supporting health conditions which includes holistic coaching; a 1-hour session is offered for energy balancing. The service is provided with the client fully-clothed. 

Distant Healing (or absent / remote healing) is also provided as a full ‘treatment session’ or a simple ‘energy balance’ can be requested as well.


  • Feeling relaxed & energised
  • Grounded with restored balance
  • Self-awareness & clarity of purpose
  • Aligned posture & freedom of body-movement

“I now have insight into the possible causes of my condition”

“I now feel aligned with my life’s purpose”

“I recovered quickly from abdominal surgery and its related problems, with the benefit of your treatment”


Personal transformation
“I felt completely transformed – emotionally & energetically”
“I experienced a sense of peace that lasted for weeks”

Deep relaxation
“I felt the intense feeling of relaxation & refreshment – physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually”

Outcome of treatment as reported by clients:

  • Emotional transformation – awareness & release of intense emotions
  • Insight into possible causes for conditions
  • Relief from depression
  • Deep relaxation & refreshment (physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually)
  • Improved sleep
  • Personal transformation
  • Aligning with life’s purpose
  • Relief from physical pain & disease
  • Improved body structure & functioning
  • Stress Release & peace of mind
  • Restored energy & vitality

Experience of treatment as reported by clients:

“I experienced Glenda’s gentle and steady focus – felt nurtured & cared for”. 
“It was a wonderful, soothing experience”.
“Glenda is a calm, proficient practitioner….I felt completely at ease”. 
“I recommend the treatment for personal transformation “.         
“It is a simplistic yet profound experience” .       
“I highly recommend a session with Glenda for anyone experiencing issues in their life – whether they are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual”.

Why it works

What makes the treatment so effective, is that it is specific to the individual. The procedures focus on the body’s innate ability to heal by uncovering any underlying conditions and stressors which may prevent you achieving your health potential. The holistic approach helps to clear limiting beliefs and release blocked energy for you to perform successfully and achieve an optimal state of wellbeing.

Restored energy & vitality
“The treatment helped to restore energy & blood flow into my leg following surgery”

Relief from physical pain
“My sciatica is gone – thank you!”
“I have increased mobility in my knee joint”

Improved sleep
“Before the session, I hadn’t slept well for years. Now I am sleeping through the night”


Improved wellbeing
“I felt absolutely terrific after the session”

Relief from hypertension
“My previously high blood pressure is now normal”

Relief from stress & depression
“I experienced a remarkable shift in my state of being – from stress to peace of mind & calmness which allowed my body & mind to return to balance with ease”

Unique Approach Glenda combines her knowledge, experience and a variety of methods, including: coaching, bodywork, exercises for alignment, hands-on healing, distant healing, kinesiology, energy balancing, chakra balancing and health planning; to facilitate what the client wants to achieve, through an individually focussed and caring approach.

Glenda is a registered member of the International Polarity Education Alliance (IPEA) and qualified Polarity Therapy Practitioner (PTP).

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