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Too busy and too lazy? Perfect prerequisites!

20 Oct 2010

If you’re too busy and too lazy then you’ll find it easy to be a professional creator.
If you have deadlines and back-to-back projects, you need to be efficient and direct in your methods to maximise your time, resources and energy.
There is a difference between ‘creativity’ and ‘creating’.
Creativity is focussed on the unusual – a departure from the norm. However, the creative process can become the norm or usual with practice and paying attention.
Professional creators such as film makers, writers, painters, architects, composers, etc. know how to create.
To create, you need to know what you want – as an ‘end result’. The next step is knowing your starting point – ‘current reality’. Now it’s time to focus your mind. The difference between where you are and what you want, will engage the mind’s ability to invent. When you do this, what you need to do to get there becomes obvious – simply and powerfully.
Focussing the mind leads to consistent and reliable innovation. This method will minimise wasted time, energy and resources. Your actions will count as you create effortlessly. So practice being a professional creator, in every area of your life.

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What does LOVE have to do with business?

02 Aug 2010

Everything! The number one emotion is LOVE. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. A definition of love – “The selfish promotion of the growth of the other” – “If you selflessly promote the growth of your customers and your colleagues – that’s love” Tim Sanders, Yahoo (from his book “Love is the Killer”). We need to create emotional connections by asking “What if…..?” and “What would it mean……?” “Respect is love in plain clothes” Franki Byrne. Respect is the foundation of successful business.

People who make decisions purely based on fact are people who put their heart & emotions on the fridge before they leave for work and take them out when they get home. Making decisions with your mind AND heart, means that you are using your emotions – ie: “this is the right choice/decision – I feel good about it”. Respect is about PERFORMANCE, REPUTATION & TRUST. We have to understand people and what motivates them. Business values are: commitment, innovation, integrity, leadership, responsibility, ease & grace, service-orientation, trust, reliability, creating value for others, being real, continuous improvement. “By building respect and inspiring love, business can move the world” Kevin Roberts. Interested to know more? Read – LOVE MARKS by Kevin Roberts (CEO Worldwide of Ideas Company Saatchi & Saatchi)

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The Problem with Problem-Solving

05 Jul 2010

Many years ago, the buzz term was ‘problem-solving’ which was later disguised or replaced as being ‘solution-focussed’. This is the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ or if you like – ‘mutton dressed up as lamb’. In other words, they are the same thing – two ends of the same stick. Whether you are calling it ‘problem-solving’ or ‘solution-focussed’, the energy and attention is on the PROBLEM, so whatever action you take, will be in REACTION to the situation/event/person rather than CREATING what you want. Next time someone comes to you saying, “There’s a problem” or “I have a problem” – STOP – you don’t have to go into ‘fix-it’ mode. Instead, say: “Before you tell me about that – what outcome do you want?” This question shifts their focus from the PROBLEM to CREATING what they want. If you listen to the problem, you will have a tendency to solve it by coming up with some solution that is in reaction to what they are thinking and feeling (psychological tension) about the situation which will only take them away from what they want. Be aware of your own tension around problems and remember, you don’t have to relieve your tension or anyone else’s. By identifying the TRUE END RESULT you desire, the RIGHT ACTION will become obvious. The first or next step will be clear. Take it and you will be on your way to CREATING THE RESULTS YOU WANT.

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Knowing the right steps to take

07 Jun 2010

Once you know what you want, there will be obvious action to take. This action doesn’t need to be a grand plan but rather – first steps that will in turn lead to the next steps and so on. You’ll find yourself in the flow of creating effortlessly.

The process of taking action needs to be informed by the end results rather than your current reality. In this way, you will move from where you are toward where you want to be – creating the future from the future.

If you are stuck in your head, your ‘thinking mind’ is going around and round in circles as you analyse the details. You end up thinking about thinking, rather than taking the necessary action.

If you drop from your head to your heart, you will be in your ‘working mind’. From there you will experience connection to what you want which will give you the energy to complete the tasks that lead to the results you want.

Taking the right action is closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

“To know and not to do is not to know”

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“Imagination is Everything” Albert Einstein

03 May 2010

“Limitations live only in our minds but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless” Jamie Paolinetti If you don’t know what you want – make it up. Develop a mental picture by visualising it as if it’s already happening. Use your imagination to fill in the blanks and help you connect and identify with what you are going for. When you’re in the world of imagination, become of aware of what you are experiencing via your senses – what you are seeing, touching/feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing? Ask yourself, if you were able to create the result you wanted, what would it look like? What would it feel like? What do you imagine it to be? Write down what you get; draw a picture.

Everyday, exercise your imagination to build capacity in order to see beyond the circumstances and broaden your ability to create what you want. You will develop expanded awareness that will begin to change your world.

“Experience is the result of being in imagination, where you have not yet been physically” Neville

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The Benefits of Self-Acceptance

01 Apr 2010

Feelings of inadequacy and inexperience, leads to self-consciousness. This is based on a fear of not being seen as ‘normal’, in control of my life. Being likeable and approved by others = the extent to which I am unable to accept myself as I am placing too much attention on surface appearances. ‘Keeping up appearances’ is futile.

So, what are the benefits of self-acceptance?

Self acceptance will reduce any tendency toward gossip and criticism, including the kind that is based on people’s outer appearance on the way they choose to live their lives.
When I accept myself as I am, I will be able to accept others as they are, without lying or using flattery as a means of gaining favour or manipulating
Being aware of what is happening to me and around me.

Accepting our imperfection is perfection!

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It must have heart

05 Mar 2010

It’s easy to get off track and lose our way in pursuit of a goal.  We start off all inspired and motivated and as soon as we hit a hurdle of some description, we lose focus and get discouraged.    If we take our eye off the ball we may forget what we are here for and why we are doing what we are doing.  For our lives as well as business, we need to plan ahead, invest in the future, make the types of changes we need to, anticipate what will happen by creating what you want – being creative and taking the right action.  When you start making it about anything else, you will lose your soul or the soul of your business.  Whatever you do – must have heart.  Mindless ambition is soul-less.  At the centre of every heart, there is art – innate wisdom, natural talent and infinite creativity.  If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your way and a part of your soul – get back to ‘centre’, to the very ‘heart’ of things and go from there.

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Focus is everything

03 Nov 2009

I have recently been involved in a project that has tested me personally, as well as the theory my business is based on – to the ‘edge’.  By focussing on the ‘end result’ and imagining this result already achieved, I have been able to transcend many internal as well as external obstacles to create the desired result.  It has tested me (& the theory) in every way, however, applying the principles and ‘hanging with the tension’ has not only saved me but also the project.

You need to know how to work within a ‘structural framework’ (as well as manage yourself) so that you can re-route the ‘path of least resistance’ so that it leads to advancement and accomplishment.  Only then will the techniques and processes you adopt (true creativity), will work to build a pattern of success.  The good news is – the future doesn’t have to be an extension of the past.  You can transcend any obstacles in your way by knowing what you want and keeping the focus on your ‘end result’ – no matter what!

Imagine applying the principle of transcendence in your business or organisation in such a way that you and your colleagues redesign the ways you work together by focussing on and creating what you want.  There’s more good news – you can begin anew, learning the lessons from the past and embracing new possibilities to achieve results that were previously thought impossible.

I encourage you to ‘keep the focus’, ‘hang with the tension’! 

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14 Sep 2009

Do I belong?

When we ask this question, we are seeking identity – “who am I?”  When we have this belief that “I don’t belong” we seek to resolve it to feel like we do belong, however, we create ‘not belonging’ due to being in reaction.  Trying to belong is ensuring that we have a place where we belong – “What’s my place?  What’s my role?”    When someone is aiming to have somewhere to belong, they may join a group, club or cult, however, this ‘re-action’ may confirm their feeling of not belonging.

There is a flip-side to having formed this belief from childhood – it’s not all bad!  You will have developed the strength of non-attachment and possess hidden gifts such as being innovative & creative, leadership qualities and able to adapt to change.

To whom do you belong?  You belong to your self.  You entered this world alone and you will exit alone.  We take on many labels & roles throughout our life – son/daughter, sister/brother, parent/grandparent, spouse/partner, cousin, aunt/uncle, worker, etc.  Who are we without these labels?  We are left with just our true selves.  If we belong to something or someone else, our roots are grounded outside of ourselves and if or when these are uprooted, we feel lost and left nowhere.  The secret is to transcend these beleifs that limit who we are and what we want.  When you are aware of this belief operating, just say – “so what” and ask yourself: “What do I want?”.  Then you can take the obvious action that will support who you are and what you want.

Happy creating!

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Motivation that creates success

08 Aug 2009

Recently, Tom Merrick from Exceed and Excel – interviewed me re: my ‘take’ on motivation and success.

In the interview, I apply the ‘theory’ to creating a healthy life-style.

Listen to the interview 01-track-1 to learn how you be motivated and create momentum to achieve the results you want in any area of your life.

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