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Creating the year you want

01 Feb 2015

If you believe 2015 will be a direct result of what you think and feel, then there is some good news for you.
Here is the good news – you are not your thoughts and feelings – what a relief!
Sometimes, we behave as if we are – slaves to our own internal world and reacting to people, situations and events to relieve any tension we experience in order to feel good again.
The best news of all, is that you can create what you want just by knowing where you are now in relation to where you want to be. The desired end result will provide the information you need to take the right action that will take you toward this.
It will become obvious. This will give you the first step to take and you’re away!

The reason people find it so difficult is because it’s so simple. Some people believe they need to put a lot of effort into changing their attitudes and beliefs, saying affirmations to convince themselves that they really are wonderful and deserve what they want. All the focus and energy of this activity can serve to distract you from getting on with the job of creating.
The first tip is – stop making everything about you and start making it about what you want.
It’s all too easy and habitual, to blame anything and anyone, including yourself – making excuses as to why you’re not creating the results YOU want in your life, career, business.
The second tip is – take responsibility for what you want and keep your focus here – no matter what.
The third tip is – just get on and do it!

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