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Simply Christmas

25 Nov 2014

There is a universal Christmas, permeating all the others, that not even the hardest-nosed cynic complaining about commercialisation could dampen.

It is the simple Christmas – that people of all backgrounds, cynical or saved, believer or skeptic, romantic or materialist, young or old, can feel, understand on a personal level, love, and celebrate in their own quiet way.

This simple Christmas is, indeed, consistent with the original religious intent, but it finds many more ways of manifesting itself. This is the Christmas of renewal, transcendence, and grace. It is innocence regained. It is goodness rediscovered. It is finding that within you a beautiful child still exists.

This is the Christmas in which we easily realise the simple love we have for the people in our lives. It is missing and loving those who are no longer here, but feeling connected to them anyway.

Christmas lives in many forms, all of which touch something locked away inside. It is the renewal of your true nature, the awakening of your spirit, the restoration of your natural goodness, and the rebirth of unconditional love.

It’s nostalgia for a time that never existed and it reminds us of what Jack Kerouac taught us in On the Road, “Life is Holy, and each moment is precious.”

These experiences live within you in a secret place – to be given new voice each year, as simply Christmas.

Robert Fritz

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