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A call to leadership

28 Mar 2014

Saying “yes” to being leader, in your own life, community, business or organisation, means embracing the many possibilities that exist at the beginning of a new millennium. To be a leader is to be on the verge of new potentials.

A Leader is a teacher and guide who facilitates self-awareness and understanding.

What are the qualities of a leader needed for the years ahead?

Leaders are those people who are aware, can live in the question (not just looking for answers), be curious and open, willing to change, and receive new insights from diverse sources. Great leaders make a difference in the lives of people they serve.

Leaders are willing to take risks, to be different, to question conformity and to be ever expanding into new levels of awareness – bringing forth those values, attitudes and behaviours which flourish with the speed of change and transformation in our society.

Albert Einstein said: “a problem cannot be solved at the same level it was created”. We can no longer find solutions by doing exactly what we have been doing. He was encouraging us to expand our awareness, to look beyond the limits of our past and present knowledge, many of which are embedded in our own cultural worldviews, outdated information and old paradigms.

Creative leaders who create exceptional results, know the power of their thoughts, beliefs, values and attitudes that influence outcomes in every moment.

We encourage you to go on a journey of discovering the leader within and take up the challenge in your world which will not only serve you, but others as well as our awesome planet.


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