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A call to peace

26 Dec 2013

With 2014 approaching and the rate of change accelerating in our personal lives and on the planet, how can we maintain our equanimity?

The key to being at peace in the midst of change, is to connect deeply with that which is unchanging. It’s easy to get caught up in focusing on outer dramas happening on the planet or in our own lives; to have our attention go to those thoughts firing away so continuously in our minds, causing negative emotional and physical responses in our bodies.

Travelling in the UK, US and Europe during 2011, highlighted the affects of economy collapses on people and infrastructure. There is a natural tendency for our attention to go to the negative impacts of what is constantly moving and changing. Yet, beneath all the movement – there is a place of silent stillness that is always present deep within us. In times when everything is going smoothly, we all experience moments of connecting with this peace. The challenge is to find it even in the midst of intense turmoil. To find such peace, recall what is unchanging within ourselves. What matters, doesn’t change.

What I have experienced with people in all parts of the world – from different cultural and religious backgrounds – is the expressed qualities and shared values of family, love, kindness, hospitality, friendship, generosity, fun and humour – being upheld and treasured, despite what is happening in the world around them. Some things aren’t meant to change.

In these times of rapid change, there is a great need for people who can maintain their equanimity in the midst of earthquakes, nuclear disasters or bank collapses that may come. These people radiate a calming energy that impacts on all around them.

To become an instrument of peace, journey home to the stillness that lives deep within you and share the gift of who you are with those around you.


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