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Unleash your mojo – use your intuition!

01 Feb 2013

Intuition is often under-utilised when making decisions and taking action.

Albert Einstein said: “Intuition is the most valuable thing”.

So what is Intuition? Intuition is objective awareness, an inherent connection – a knowing that exists by being connected to who you are what you want. Using your intuition taps into the wisdom of the mind and your inner-senses.

The bridge to your intuition is ‘not knowing’. When you can let go of what you know (from past experience) as well as ‘needing to know’, you expand your awareness to tap into creative resources and insights you may not have been previously aware of. In this way, you will begin to notice the connection between things and the synchronicity of events. When you do not know, you become aware of objective truth.

Your intuition already exists. You are intuitive whether you are aware of it or not. Intuition is recognition of the obvious – the first thing you get (hunch, gut instinct, etc) before rationalising it. If you rationalise choices – you employ logical and persuasive arguments as to why you should abandon them, rather than rely on what you know to be true. Sometimes, it’s preferable not to think or work things out in your head, as the mind can get in the way of taking right action which you already know – instinctively.

Your intuition has 100% integrity and will support you in creating what you want with authenticity.

Here is a thought-provoking quote about unleashing innovation in leadership by Todd Park: “My hypothesis is that it’s less about training and more about signalling— giving people permission to do what they intuitively understand is the smart thing to do. There are many talented innovators and naturally gifted entrepreneurs ……. and if given the signal that they can do it in a different way, they will …….. they already know how to do this. You just have to unleash their mojo to do so”.


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