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Back in ‘Red Rock’ Country – Sedona, Arizona

13 Oct 2011

We have enjoyed a special few days here, staying with Jeremy and his fellow house-mates as well as some other couchsurfers from New York & Toronto. It felt great to be part of a little like-hearted community, on the receiving-end of wonderfully warm & fun hospitality. When we arrived, we were invited to a Brazilian benefit concert to hear some cool music. We have visited some of the vortex sites (Earth energy points); hiked a 7 km trail around a mountain of desert rock gardens; and walked through the Coconino National Forest, with Oak Creek meandering its way through its base of extraordinary cliffs. Martin attended a drumming ritual at the top of a mountain at full moon. This has been a special visit in an amazing location – also a ‘must-see’ for ‘bucket-lists’! Tomorrow we head back to L.A. – travelling on parts of the historic ‘route 66’ – for Glenda’s book launch on the weekend, at the Hay House ‘I Can Do It’ conference in Pasadena.

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