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South Rim, Grand Canyon

10 Oct 2011

The Grand Canyon is one of Earth’s most powerful inspiring landscapes. It’s grandeur overwhelmed our senses. The canyon extends 446 km long, 29 km at its widest & 1.6 km deep. It tells a story of geologic processes played out over unimaginable time-spans: a unique combination of size, colour & dazzling erosional forms of rugged landscapes, with the Colorado River continuing to carve a path at the base. Photos & words can’t do this place justice – you just need to experience soaking up the layers of geologic time, in person. This awe-inspiring topography, reaches back several million years. The earliest-known inhabitants of ancestral Pueblos & Hohokam people, followed by Spanish settlers, then American Pioneers – inspire a legacy that continues to evolve. The scenery around the South Rim is quite different from what we saw at the North Rim. Walking along the trail, we met mule-deer, elk, squirrels and exquisite birds. After driving away, with the image of the canyon diminishing behind us, the San Fransisco peaks put on a display of their own – looming in front of us, snow-tipped & sun-kissed by the setting sun, resulting in a beautiful pink sunset – to complete a perfect day.

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