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17 Feb 2011

So – your day didn’t turn out the way you intended?  Then tonight, revise your day.  Revising the past is re-constructing what happened with new content.  In your imagination, re-live the day as you wished you had lived it: revising the scenes to make them fit with what you wanted.  By mentally falsifying the facts, you move from passive reaction to active creation.  In this way, recurrence of the past into the future, is replaced with creating more of what you want.  Knowing that ‘imagination creates reality’ means all that is desired, can be imagined into existence.  Before you go to sleep tonight, revise your day by clearly visualising the revised scenes that match your ideals and you will take that energy into your new day.  It’s a great way to ‘take the learnings from the past, leave the lessons behind’ to create the life you want!

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